My tiny house dream list

Dog with a palm plant

My dog napping


  • desk space that accommodates my large monitor in ergonomic position (because I work from home)
  • deep couch/bench
  • dog-friendly stairs
  • kitchen
    • small fridge
    • triple burner stove
    • deep sink
    • pantry storage
  • bathroom
    • composting toilet
    • shower /w grey water disposal
  • generous windows
  • heat
  • venting
  • coat and boot storage for Canadian winter gear
  • head clearance to sit up straight in bed

Would like

  • a small bathtub
  • projector and screen
  • big sliding glass door
  • clothes washer
  • solar panels w battery
  • slide out surface for puzzles

Do not need

  • clothes dryer
  • dishwasher
  • regular height dining table (I love the floor)
  • double kitchen sink