Can I even have a tiny house in Ontario?

View of Toronto from Toronto Island

Photo by Austin Censor

I’m pretty in love with the idea of living in the woods in a tiny house on wheels, and I want to stay in Ontario, close to my friends and family here. But apparently, Ontario has some (stupid) rules that make finding the right place to put it a challenge. So let’s figure this out.

  • Ontario has a guideline for a minimum house size that counties can follow or not. It is 800 square feet. A tiny house on wheels at 800 square feet would be pretty ridiculous and impossible to move.
  • Any full-time house, even with wheels, must be hooked up to a septic system in Ontario. So you can put a THOW in a four-season park as long as you are using a regular flush toilet that hooks into their infrastructure.
  • Some counties prohibit two families living on the same farm.

So, the thing to do now, is contact the municipalities where I’d consider living and see what their specific rules are.

This post is not to be taken as legal advice. Please do your own research and confirm before buying, building, or parking.

Photo by Austin Censor on Unsplash